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The Foundation Brake Analyzer (FBA) is an innovative S-Cam brake service tool. It allows the mechanic, or any other interested party who wants or needs to establish actual camshaft travel at each wheel end, or to identify the size of a brake drum present in most S-Cam foundation brake assemblies, without removing the brake drum.

Increases Accuracy
Ensures your S-drum air brake readings are accurate to within thousands of an inch.

Saves Time
Three simple steps get the job done in a fraction of the time it usually takes to test air brakes

Reduces Costs
You'll save thousands in labour costs every month because of the time saved due to the Foundation Brake Analyzer 

Reduces Risk
Reduces the chance that a truck will leave your shop with an inaccurate air brake reading that could result in an accident. You'll avoid costly lawsuits or customer disputes that result from inaccurate or false air brake readings. 

Easy as 1-2-3
Three Simple Steps and the Analyzer gives you accurate
readings every time.

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